Quick Answer: Who Is Better Infernape Or Torterra?

Is infernape better than Torterra?

Torterra is the best.

Lets say if it survives one hit from Infernape’s Fire attacks, or if it is faster than Empoleon, it can K.O.

both of them at ease.

But if you’re more of the speedy fast kill type, you should go with Infernape..

Which is better Charizard or Cinderace?

Cinderace gets STAB from everything due to Limbero, Incineroar is the best in doubles when it has Intimidate, and Charizard with Solar Power hits HARD as a Special Attacker. With this in mind, Cinderace and Incineroar are theoretically better in doubles when they have their HAs.

Which platinum starter is best?

If you want a Pokemon that’s good in the offense and speed department, Chimchar is a good choice. And it eventually evolves into a fire and fighting type. Which is useful against rock types, steel, grass, bug, ice, and normal types.

Is Torterra good in platinum?

It’s a bulky Grass/Ground type with high Att and Def at the cost of very low SpAtt and Spe. It has STAB Earthquake which is a plus and is good at tanking. Overall Torterra is a pretty decent pokemon that can hold it’s own against anyone.

Which is better chimchar or turtwig?

Overall i would say, turtwig is one of the best when it comes to an all round GRASS type and GROUND type pokemon. Since there are not many good grass pokemon who can perform equally well. Also, like a typical grass type starter, raising it is easier. Chimchar, is kind of the coolest pokemon here.

Is infernape better than Delphox?

Infernape is objectively the better option but as Karen in HG/SS already said: “Strong Pokémon. … As people said Infernape is better overall, in fact it was even OU in Gen 4. Main Problems of Delphix include: Stealth Rock weakness (Infernape has the Fighting type so it isn’t as affected as Delphox) + lol!

Who is better Empoleon or infernape?

For a standard battle, Infernape will go first since it’s the fastest. … If Infernape uses Close Combat on Empoleon, Empoleon will faint and Torterra will KO Infernape with Earthquake and win.

Why infernape is the best starter?

Infernape: Definitely the only gen 4 proper fire Pokémon available which is why most will choose to start with this. Similar to Blaziken has variety in movepool and also is extremely useful in game play. Helpful against 4 gyms and first elite.

Can Empoleon beat Torterra?

Empoleon is faster than Torterra.

Is infernape better than blaziken?

Infernape has the lower attack of the two, at base 104 its atk is pretty good. Blaziken is the slower of the two (an ok base 80 spd vs infernape’s great base 108 spd) however, with speed boost, blaziken increases its speed every turn, outspeeding infernape after a single turn.

Can Torterra beat infernape?

re: torterra or infernape Torterra seems to have only situational attacking moves like Hyper Beam and Sunny Day. While boasting a higher def and sp def than Infernape. If you would like to simply run through the game quickly, choose Infernape.

Can infernape one shot Torterra?

Well, turns out Flare Blitz (his strongest fire move) CAN one-shot Torterra… but it’s only a 6.3% chance. So chances are, unless Infernape gets a lucky crit, Torterra WILL survive.

Is there a mega infernape?

Infernape is a is a dual-type Fire/Fighting Pokémon introduced in the Sinnoh region. … It can Mega Evolve into Mega Infernape using the Infernite.

What is the best Gen 4 starter pokemon?

Piplup definitely is my favorite gen 4 starter. Empoleon is so unique with its design and typing. Chimchar is my second favorite, and then Turtwig. Chimchar, the best option.

How good is Torterra?

Torterra has 2825 Max CP, 202 Attack, 197 Defense and 190 Stamina, which makes her one of the most well rounded Grass starters to date. … We’ll see how well Torterra can perform with its double weakness to Ice and tripe resistance to Electric attacks. Torterra costs 100 Candy to evolve.

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